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If your employees are not satisfied with their pay packages, benefits and overall career growth, they will most likely jump to the next opportunity when it comes their way.

This problem will be further aggravated if there are jobs available to choose from and the employees fall into a category of ones with so-called ‘niche skills’.

This is a primary concern within the financial services industry in the UAE, where employers are getting concerned about losing their staff, especially the top performers.

According to Robert Half UAE’s professional hiring index, there is a widespread concern across the UAE about retaining employees. Majority (93 per cent) of the UAE CFOs are concerned about losing top financial performers to other job opportunities.

Finding the best candidates is not getting any easier for businesses, adding to the woes of the employers. The majority of senior finance executives surveyed report that talent shortages continue to affect hiring of all finance roles, with 94 per cent saying so. Of this number, 39 per cent indicate it is ‘very challenging’, whereas 55 per cent say it is somewhat challenging to find skilled finance employees today.

The primary reason for the challenge in finding skilled professionals, according to 48 per cent of respondents, is a lack of niche technical experts available, followed by lack of commercial and business skills (27 per cent) and general demand outweighing supply (19 per cent).

Besides, more than half (57 per cent) of senior finance executives across the UAE anticipate they will maintain employment levels by filling vacated positions in the remainder of 2015, and more than one in three (36 per cent) plan to create new roles, adding to the demand for talent.

Monster Middle East’s latest numbers shows that regionally, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) has been the best performing sector with a 57 per cent growth in online numbers.

The industry registered the steepest annual growth among industry sectors even in July of this year and the sector has registered a 22 per cent growth in opportunities in the past six-month, adding to more job options for those looking for a change.
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